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A powerful “Group” with economic interests and shrouded in a cloak of Catholic extremism is determined to transform the surroundings of the mythical Mountain of Montserrat into a reservation for respectable families: upper class believers. All their plans work out very nicely until they decide to put an end to the representations of “La Passió” (The Passion of Christ), a public performance which the Group considers to be unworthy and which takes place in Esparreguera -a village located at the foot of the sacred mountain.

For most of the actors, “La Passió” is merely a “tradition” and an opportunity to perform theatrically. But for the “Group” it is indecent to see left-wing councillors acting as the apostles, a priest playing the role of Judas, contemptible women representing the Mother of God and even the odd homosexual impersonating personalities from the Gospel. Strange things start to happen at the theatre and the lives of the snoopiest people become endangered without they themselves being aware of it.

Meanwhile, Aureli Mercader, a former actor, has returned to the show after several years to play again the role of Pilate. Aureli is a peculiar guy, generally considered crazy because of his strange behavior and disastrous life. Actually, his strange personality is caused by a kind of gift, an extrasensory ability that makes him a very successful professional in his singular job: tester of things. When Aureli tests a prototype, he puts himself in a trance, experiencing visions and feelings and beginning a strange journey into a parallel world.

He has now returned to the theater to find the answer to something that torments him, to remember what happened one specific night, the night his wife left him for good. Aureli’s curiosity will clash with the interests of the Group and will endanger his life and the lives of his few friends.



  • Festival de Málaga 2010 (Zonacine) Biznaga de Plata mejor actor y Mención especial del Jurado
  • Sitges Festival Internacional de Cine Fantástico de Catalunya 2010 – Noves Visions
  • Madrid Imagen 2010
  • Prescott Film Festival 2010 – Oficial Section
  • Cambridge Film Festival
Directed by:

Oriol Ferrer


Oriol Ferrer, Oliver Keidel

Direction of Photography:

Néstor Calvo


Marc Durandeau, David Cervera


Blai Llopis, Carme Pla, Anna Ycobalzeta, Ernest Villegas, Mima Riera, David Bagès, Eli Iranzo, Jeannine Mestre, Carles Serrat, Pere Cuscó, Jaume Rovira, Isaac Serrano, Jaume Navarro.

Produced by:

Toni Espinosa




15 November 2017