From bag controls and giving stamps out until the cleaning of the dancefloor we have accompanied the Sonar festival in Barcelona last year. We were with the crowd in front of the stages and behind the curtains with the artists. Here artists of different origins with different musical backgrounds meet. Some worldwide renowned stars like Richie Hawtin or the Beastie Boys, others raw diamonds in the experimental landscape like the Vegetable Orchestra. But they have some things in common: They are avantgarde, they experiment between sound and noise, they don’t fit into the box, but they do their own thing.

Some of them give us an insight into the basic themes of creative work: Motivation, inspiration, construction and exhibition. Along these, the four chapters of this film are developed and we are guided through the world of experimental music of our time and the different aspects of creative proceses. The artist share their outlook on the future of music, which is is constantly changing under the influence of technology and industry, audience and artistic freedom. We see people behind the sound, creating and carving their own instruments, composing and recomposing tracks and last but not least we also see them perform and exhibit themselves.

What makes a young sinfony violonist rebell against clasical rules? How does a computer nerd become a world-famous electronic music DJ? How do you get to the idea to make instruments out of vegetables and travel from festival to festival with a group of unprofessional musician friends? Can you conserve an idea in a bottle?

And how to transform a lightning into an enlightment?

This film shows the parallels between the dynamics of an international music festival and the dynamics of creative processing. The objective of the script was already that the narration within the different chapters should allow the principal object, music, to transgress into the pictures and show the continuous evolution, which is inherent to music.